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Hi George, Your favorite gadget is very interesting, but mine is the smartphone because you can take it with you everywhere. You can also text messages and make a call and you don't  need the  internet to do all these. Finally, one of the reasons that I like and I want it so much is because [...]

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My ESMS to (poor) Bill

Hello Vasilis, I'm sorry I didn't write to you earlier but I was very busy, too much English homework!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I'm glad because I got your message. I would like to ask you what your favourite gadget is. I think that my favourite gadget is my tablet. It is a white ASUS MEMO PAD 10. [...]

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Hello Marios, How are you? I told you that I would attend a great course for electronic creations and I did . It was amazing and I learnt many things…..! I learnt how many different sizes of netbook screens exist in the world. I learnt how many sizes of smartphone screens there are in the [...]


An ESMS to my best friend!!!

Hi Zeta!!! How are you? I wanted to tell you about the smartphone that I want soooooo much!! It's called "Sony Xperia U". It costs 142€. Well this phone has a front and back camera 5 megapixels, android 2.3 gingerbread and a screen 3.5 inches. I want the pink phone soo much!!! You can see [...]

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A message (ESMS) to my best friend (!)

Hi Dorina!! How are you? Well, I'm glad to hear that you know which Smartphone you want. As you know, I want a Smartphone, too. You see, I haven't a specific one in mind. But, I'd like to have a Samsung Galaxy or an LG mobile. There are some differences between them. Let me name [...]

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Hello Aspasia, I am sending you this message to tell you what my favorite gadget is. Well my favorite gadget is the netbook because you can do lots of things on it.You can download and see videos or movies, listen to music and even better play computer games. That's what I wanted to tell you. [...]

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Hi Stefania, I sent you an ESMS to tell you about my favourite gadget! Well my favourite gadget is the netbook, because you can do everything on it : send e – mails, play games, listen to music, chat, take pictures and anything you get in your mind!! I wish you had the same opinion [...]

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Dear Efi, Unfortunately, I haven't got a mobile but I manage to talk with my friends all day. In my opinion the best way is to talk on Skype. Skype is very important because we can both see them and hear them. If I have my laptop, I can talk all day …. Love, Stefania

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