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  It was a sunny day. I got up, I wore my clothes, I washed my face and ….. suddenly I saw the time and it was 9 o clock . After that I ran to school. When I arrived at school I did not see anyone . I was a little scared . Then [...]

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A mystery story…!!

It was a hot, sunny day. I was walking with my best friend, Zeta when we saw a dark full of toys garage. We ran into it. Then suddenly we saw a guy holding two knives behind us. Zeta and I wad freaked out! Fortunately a man was passing by and called the police. The [...]

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It was a hot sunny day on a Saturday afternoon. I was with my family and some friends and we were having a picnic. All of sudden while I was exploring the forest, I saw a big footprint. At first I though that it was the Bigfoot 's footprint. I was so socked that I [...]

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Mystery story

London, in 1900. An eleven year old girl was murdered. It was midnight and everyone could hear the sound of a poor girl screaming. At the same time every night you can hear the screams… even today!                                     [...]

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           It was a dark and stormy night and I was with my cousins for a walk in the forest. Suddenly we saw a shadow of someone holding an axe. At first we thought that it was a bush. But then the shadow started moving. We were so afraid that we [...]

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A mystery story…

Before you start reading, I have to tell you that… Dorina is my best friend… Stefania is one of my friends… George is one of my most funny classmates…         One day, while I was taking a walk at the park, I saw Stefania and Dorina whispering. It was really strange. I went next [...]

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