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My dream house

Hi Nick,

How are you ? Thanks for the e-mail with your dream house yes . That's my dream house.

My dream house is in the centre of the Earth. The only way to go there is with a parachute. It takes you 3 hours to go to the centre of the Earth so you will need sandwiches. When you arrive, you are welcomed by 4 lava waterfalls. As you move into the garden you will see 4 pools. The water in the pools is 60oC because the pools are heated by underwater lava rivers.

The house has 40 rooms. It has:

  • 10 master bedrooms
  • 5 kitchens
  • 5 toilets
  • 3 computer rooms
  • 2 science labs
  • 2 bowling alleys

and many other.

When you get into a room , the lights switch on automatically (maagiiiiiiic). Also in every room you have a panel where you can set the cooling system , the oxygen system, the music etc.

Do you like my house ? 

Drop me a line,


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